Defensible Space Inspection

Software that supports residents & agencies

Field-tested, user friendly defensible space inspection software covering over 1,000,000 high risk properties in 4 states

  • Developed and field tested alongside Fire Agencies & Fire Inspectors
  • Customized to the individual property
  • Supports IBHS Wildfire Prepared™, NIST and other industry standards
  • Easy for inspectors to use
  • Developed to drive resident engagement
  • Built for the real world with seamless offline performance
  • Enhanced resolution and risk tracking
  • Tested at scale to handle 1000s of simultaneous evaluations

“By using Fire Aside DSI software, we can visit more homes, offer more thorough action items to residents and therefore dramatically increase the number of fire resistant homes in the community”

– Ryan Sommers North Lake Tahoe Fire Chief

DSI Software For Agencies

Transform & scale your defensible space and home hardening program

A fire-agency tested solution for Fire Agencies, HOAs, Fire Safe Councils and contractors that is designed to meet all standards from code enforcement to the most rigorous insurance evaluation

Our DSI software supports:

Large amounts of data:

We use thousands of discovery points specific to local vegetation and buildings to help gather consistent data

Increased velocity of inspections:

User-friendly interface designed alongside inspectors in the field and regularly tested for efficiency and speed

Improved resident engagement:

Residents receive an interactive, easy to read, report with prioritized actions specific to their property

Compliance and tracking:

Review specific properties and unresolved/resolved issues at the resident and community level. Easily export data for state reporting requirements, CWPP development orexpose data as GIS layer.

Consistent ground truth:

Receive actual structural and vegetation data to identify areas of community risk

Integration of community wildfire resources to aid with resident adaption:

Such as community chipping events, rebate and grant programs, approved vendors and more


of residents who engaged with a Fire Aside Defensible Space report took at least 1 action from their report

of residents that engaged with a Fire Aside Defensible Space report said it helped them determine what hazardous vegetation to remove

of residents who engaged with a Fire Aside Defensible Space report said it helped them understand what to prioritize  for home hardening

Fire Aside has helped transform our approach to assessing wildfire risk. As a licensed contractor that specializes in structure hardening, defensible space, and hazardous fuels reduction, we now have the ability to put accurate, actionable, and dynamic data into the hands of the decision makers so that every assessment has the probability of making individuals and communities in the WUI safer. What used to take 2-hours, now takes an average of 20-minutes. Fire Aside has allowed us to collaborate with owners, managers, brokers, underwriters, and carriers to accurately assess the wildfire risk on the ground, prioritize the hazards, and then mitigate those hazards. In many cases, this has resulted in a continuation or expansion of coverage and even reductions in premium.

- Joel Holland, Wildfire Services Group, Inc.

DSI Software For Residents

Reduce your wildfire risk

Easy to use defensible space and home hardening reports

Customized to the individual property

“Since we switched from Collector to Fire Aside we’ve completed more evaluations, dramatically improved resident engagement, and have data to track performance and improve community risk modeling.“

- Todd Lando, Battalion Chief, Central Marin Fire Department

of residents that engaged with a Fire Aside Defensible Space report said it was easy to understand

What to expect:

A secure interactive list of prioritized actions customized to the property

A map of the  property identifying where issues are relative to risk zones and the home

Photos and/or descriptions of specific issues on the property

The ability to check off resolved items

Access to resources to help you resolve issues on your property such as community chipping events and approved contractors

Apply for grants and rebates easily using your report

Accessible: Report meets accessibility requirements along with optional process to produce and mail paper copies as needed.

DSI Software For Inspectors

We take the guesswork and extra office work out of evaluations

so you can focus on doing more. Built and tested alongside real inspectors in the field

Reduction in time spent on re-inspections

Reduction in 
time producing reports

per day

(peak season 2022)

“I used to go out and do 100 inspections but then get 99 calls from people asking questions like ‘which Juniper, tree or structure do I remove.’ The investment in Fire Aside’s software has eliminated almost all of those follow up requests, freeing up our time to do more inspections and improve overall resident engagement.“

- WUI Manager

What to expect:

An easy to use interface that works offline and online regardless of service

Customized property maps that help pin specific issue locations and their relationship to structures

Discovery library contains all DS & HH attributes and customization to your local vegetation & building types.

Photo and notes capabilities

An automated resident report that is generated immediately

Violation management (optional)

Note reports are generally accessible online however residents can request to receive print copies via USPS