Connecting residents and agencies with tools to deliver wildfire grants and assistance

Supporting FEMA, State & Local programs to deliver $10s of millions in home hardening & defensible space grants per year

Grants For Agencies

Automate your grant application workflow

  • Make it easier for residents to apply, append documents, images and track their application status
  • Set custom parameters like which wildfire mitigation items qualify, what zones, and even which properties qualify.  Along with standard tools for budget and tracking equity of applicants
  • Optional requirements or prioritization based on access and functional needs of applicants
  • Easy for inspectors to use
  • Support internal workflow and communications
  • Track applications and grant funds
  • Communicate with residents in real time as necessary
  • Update and edit grant details easily
  • Reporting & exports to support compliance and audits.

"The ability to run both jurisdiction wide and specific programs for our members agencies has been amazing. We really value the ability to customize based on the specifics of our program objectives which evolve every year.”

– Mark Brown, Executive Director Marin Wildfire Prevention Authority

Grants For Residents

Simplifying the grants process for residents in the community

Fire Aside’s Grant software:

  • Identifies specific grants available to you based on your location and recent defensible space and home hardening evaluation
  • Makes it easy to apply
  • Provides timely application status tracking and confirmation of funds

"As a non-profit organization our job is to understand the needs of the community and offer resources accordingly. Software like Fire Aside not only provides a service to the county but identifies other needs [including supporting the Senior/Disabled Defensible Space Assistance Program which assists Plumas County residents who might not have the physical or financial resources to create defensible space]"

–  Liam Galleher , Plumas County Fire Safe Council

Here’s how it works:

Step 1.

Discover specific grants available to you based on your location and recent defensible space and home hardening evaluation

Step 2.

Select a grant to apply for

Step 3.

Attach relevant photos of work completed 
receipts and documents

Step 4.

Track your application status - you can see if it’s in review, 
pre-approved, or if additional information is needed

Step 5.

Get notifications and send messages directly with 
your local fire agency

Step 6.

Know you have helped make the community safer from wildfire risk.