Our Impact

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Fire Aside has provided over 500,000 customized data points and educational tools helping property owners take action to reduce their risk from wildfire

1MM +

Homes covered by Fire Aside


Municipalities (75) and counties (15) using Fire Aside software

1 out of 5 homes in the United States has a measurable risk of being hit with wildfire and 47 out of 50 states have communities exposed to wildfire.

Unlike other natural disasters…

the level of community resilience to wildfire  has an out sized impact on neighboring structures.

While it’s easy to think of wildfire as a wall of flames,

what sparks the majority of wildfires is something smaller than the size of a pea - an ember. All it takes is 1 ember to spread wildfire damage especially if you are not prepared.

Our goal

Our goal is to make sure that every resident knows what actions they can take to reduce their wildfire risk and help them to take action.

Over 70k

individual property inspections to date


Hours spent by residents to reduce their wildfire risk


Fuel removal pick ups to date

250k cubic yards

Of fuel removed

400% ROI

For every $1 spent on wildfire programming, our data shows residents spend $5 on reducing their wildfire risk on their property


% of residents that took at least 1 action after engaging with our defensible space inspection report

Annual Reports

Truckee 2023

View the 2023 Truckee Fire Community Wildfire Prevention Fund Annual Report.

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MWPA Chipper Report 2023

Find out how the MWPA was able to get a 35% increase in community chipping vs. last season.

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MWPA Chipper Report 2022

Impact from Marin Wildfire Prevention Authority 2022 Chipping program.

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Central & West Marin County 2022

Highlights include resident resident engagement, Defensible Space and Marin ChipperDay program results.

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Truckee Fire 2022

Highlights include Defensible Space and Green Waste Chipper Program 2022 results, powered by Fire Aside

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