Welcome to ChipperDay®

Fuel removal at scale

ChipperDay® supports agencies and residents with:

  • An online reservation system to manage all community fuel events from pickup to drop off
  • Simplify resident registration and updates
  • Field app optimizes routing and helps locate piles
  • Advanced reporting and analytics

fuel pick ups to date

cubic yards of fuel removed

of CO2 saved

(in 2022)

Before & After

“It took less than a minute to train my crew on how to use. Simple & fast interface”

- Raul Garcia, Forster & Kroeger Tree Service

Rated 4.8 out of 5 by residents

# of ratings: 6248

ChipperDay® For Agencies

Automate & scale your existing chipping program

ChipperDay® supports:

Route management and optimization at scale

Has supported over 600 pick ups per day

Easy online registration and booking for residents

Residents enter their address and can make a reservation in less than 3 steps

Increased resident engagement

Residents who use ChipperDay® were 3.5x more likely to have resolved high risk vegetation items on their property than anon-chipper user. They were also 4.5x more likely to have resolved vulnerable items on their home.

Improved pick up accuracy

Residents can pin their pile location and send photos of the pile. Crews can upload photos to confirm pick up.

Reduced C02 footprint

1 Chipper Truck = 17+ small landscaper pickup trucks resulting in fewer individual trips taken

Easy to use intuitive iPad app

for crews which works offline and online with bilingual support

Enhanced analytics & tracking

Track pick ups, specific resident actions taken, cubic footage removed, crew performance and return on investment. Plus automatic firewise reporting.

Automated resident communications

Send reminders, text alerts, communicate about the pile or unusual items easily

Trusted by

75 municipalities
16 counties & 4 states

ChipperDay® For Residents

Easy removal of hazardous vegetation

ChipperDay® supports:

Schedule a pick up at your property

Easy online registration and reservation management

Hassle-free communiction including text alerts, reminders and the ability to pin pile locations

Access to resources that may help preparing piles

NB: program rules on what material can be accepted, pile size and other important information varies by community and will be displayed after you enter your address and select an event. ChipperDay and Fire Aside is not responsible for local  program rules.

“I was amazed at how prompt the pickup was (Monday AM). Arranging for the pick up was so efficient. This is a terrific program!”

– Marin County Resident